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Chikitsa is a 360 Automated primary Healthcare Management Solution that digitizes the entire patient experience,from scheduling appointments to managing medical records.


shaping a healthier future with better tech

We have created a unique technology company that is here to serve you and make your healthcare journey seamless and secure.

about us

Chikitsa is a transformative healthcare solution utilizing IoT, AI, ML, and Blockchain. It offers a seamless, integrated SDK that automates and optimizes outpatient workflows in hospitals. Providing a unique patient identity, medical report analysis, and end-to-end digitalization, Chikitsa enhances efficiency. Its real-time analytics empower hospitals to make informed decisions. Chikitsa is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery.

About Us

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Enhancing the Patient’s Experience in Hospital

Elevating the patient's hospital experience with streamlined processes, and a focus on overall satisfaction and trust.

Reducing Medical Errors

Addressing and minimizing medical errors is crucial for improving patient safety, optimal care and their well-being.

Digitalization of Medical Documents

The digitalization of medical documents is a transformative step in healthcare, streamlining information accessibility for both patients and hospitals.

AI & Blockchain Based Healthcare Solution

The integration of AI and blockchain in healthcare solutions offers a cutting-edge approach to enhance data security, interoperability, and decision-making.

Access to Medical Records from Anywhere

Enabling access to medical records from anywhere through secure digital platforms enhances patient care and collaboration among healthcare providers.

we're making a change by

  • Converting Doctor's Handwritten Prescription into Text.
  • Executing Patient's.
  • Implementing Blockchain to store patients data securely.

our demo video

This is our product demo where we explain the process and steps that include the end-to-end hospital journey of a patient, showcasing the way we solve healthcare challenges.



Hospitals can manage their long queue line by our QR code solution for creating fast appointment and making everything paperless.



Doctors can see a holistic view of patients past medical journey individually and globally.



Patients don’t have to carry past medical records all the time. Everything is on just one QR Code.


From Appointment to records,
Chikitsa delivers seamless healthcare.

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We’ve Made Everything Flawless

Looking for a Safer Health-tech Solution?

Chikitsa gives you a streamlined ‘SaaS’ platform to manage everting in one place.

our core features

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AI Based Hospitals & Health Managements Analytics

We provide Holistic dashboard of Health management analytics to reduce the error rate in Healthcare Facility. Here’s a few health metrics that we measure.

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chronic DEISEASES monitoring
ABHA Integration

ABHA Integration

Creating a centralized digital health ID by integrating ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account), where patients all data we be one place

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Blockchain to store patients data securely

In our Chikitsa healthcare ecosystem, we leverage blockchain technology to ensure the secure storage of patient data and medical records. When a patient registers on Chikitsa platform and schedules an appointment with a doctor, this transaction is seamlessly recorded on our private enterprise blockchain network, built atop the robust Hyperledger Fabric framework.

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One Time

Registration Process

Once you complete the registration process on our portal, you will be fully onboarded. Subsequently, you will not be required to register again in order to visit the hospital.

Our patients love the convenience of Chikitsa's appointment booking system. It has significantly reduced wait times, improved patient flow, and enhanced the overall experience for those seeking medical care.

Richa Mathur

Chikitsa has seamlessly integrated into our hospital's operations, streamlining patient management and improving overall efficiency.

Anjali Shah

Chikitsa has bridged the communication gap between me and my healthcare providers. The secure messaging feature allows me to ask questions, share concerns, and receive prompt responses. It's like having a virtual healthcare companion.

Yash Dhawan

Chikitsa has transformed the way we communicate with our patients. It allows for quick and direct communication. It's a valuable tool for building trust and ensuring timely patient support.

Seema Sharma

As an athlete, maintaining optimal health is crucial. Docus has been a game-changer for me. Its AI Health Assistant is amazing, providing insights that help me fine-tune my training regimen and nutrition. I'm so thrilled to have found Chikitsa.

Shashank Kaushik

Doctors & Patients
Thoughts for Chikitsa

“Technologies and healthcare are together now, revolution is begin ”

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CHIKITSA works on Improving healthcare outcomes.

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